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The Unmentionable Mann, by Brian Alessandro

A beautifully dark and disturbing novel that reaches into the depths of racism, homophobia, religion, psychology, and classism.  The strange, secret philosophy that has ruled the prominent Mann Family for generations has culminated in a crime so great that only a journey into the heart of self-immolation could promise redemption. Read More.





A Teacher Named Faith, by Nicole L.V. Mullis


An elegant story about the redemptive power of love... even for the most cynical among us.

With fantastic characters to love and hate, Mullis pulls the narrative along with great speed, but in amazingly fluid and effortless prose. A must-read debut novel that one reviewer noted as "a well-observed and delightfully quirky tale of second chances." Read More.

Blood on the Floor: How Writers Survive RejectionBOTF_Lo-Rez-Cover.jpg

In this anthology, over 35 writers and poets share how they deal with rejection in a wonderful variety of style, tone and genre.

Most people don't realize that when submitting work for publication, poets and writers open themselves to a lot of potential pain. What we write is our very soul... So, when our work is rejected, it can cause mixed emotions (to say the least).  Read More.


Jay Shearer's Five Hundred Sirens

A novel that blisters off the page from the acerbic wit of its unwitting protagonist, Shearer's prose supplies a surprise around every corner, every sentence, every word. Read More.


Matt Pine's City Water Light & PowerCWLP_FinalFront.jpg
"A study of corruption and alienation that gives me that sense of a ruthless and inscrutable society I get from Fitzgerald, say, or Salinger. Matt Pine writes of venality in a tone of innocent fascination — he is sensual, aggrieved, and mystified by ordinary life." Read More.





Seamus Scanlon's As Close As You'll Ever Be
Scanlon's collection continues to win high praise and garner grand reviews. If you can even imagine "literary noir," then you'll not want to miss out on the experience. Selected as a "Best of 2012" short story collection by the Library JournalRead more.



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