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Cairn Press is composed of a small but dedicated team with a great diversity of publishing experience, and we pride ourselves in putting it to good use. We love publishing books... everything from line editing to designing cover art to arranging book launches and reading tours. We’re persistent. We try to be as creative as possible for each project we take on, and this requires us to be selective in what we decide to publish.

We find the entire process exhausting and wonderful. If we didn't love what we do, we'd spend our time and talents on something much easier than publishing... like astrophysics.


Current and Former Staff:

Josh Bishop, Editor
Joshua Cochran, Founding Editor
Danyelle Khmara, Editor
Sarah Nadolny: Editor
Jody Thompson: Founding Editor
Jeanne Henry: Founding Editor
Margaret Havas: Assistant Editor
Rebecca Wingate: Assistant Editor
Marc Mitchel: Assistant Editor

Associate Editors:
Tracey Corey
Tiffany Dunn
Eva M. Eldridge
Marcus Montez
Chance J. Mora
Chris Stern
Corey Watson
Bryan Pastor
Justin Schneider
Angie Brown
Erik Fesler
Margaret Havas
Josh Bishop
Caitlin Peters


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