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THE CAIRN is a literary journal with a focus on first-time authors of short fiction. If you've never had a short story published, in print, then please submit your best. Our first issue will be released in 2018, with cash awards for first, second and third place. The top short stories, including prize-winners, will be published and recieve five complementary copies of our inagural edition.

For over six years, Cairn Press has been a champion of first-time authors. Scanlon, Pine, Shearer, Mullis and Alessandro. These wonderful writers all got their start here at Cairn Press, and we encourage you to follow them and read their work. We also ventured into the realm of anthologies with Blood on the Floor: How Writers Survive Rejection, a must-have collection of nonfiction, fiction and poetry that soothes the pain of being an artist constantly facing rejection (and success).

THE CAIRN lliterary journal is an annual publicatiton. With only one issue per year, you better believe it will be good. That's why we can only publish the best.

Awards will be announced on our website upon publication of THE CAIRN in October, 2018.

The nuts and bolts of submissions:

We are looking for excellent short fiction. Ideally, your story will have compelling characters and your story will have a reason to exist. Plot is only a skeleton upon which a story rests, so if your work is all plot, a what and a what and a what, then we probably won't accept it. However, a great story can use or bend the edges of genre if it must. We are looking for literature, short stories with an enduring quality... the best short stories. Short storeis that will be read in a hundred years. No presure.

No work is accepted that has been previously published, either online or otherwise (including blogs and posts). Never give away your best artwork.

Each submission requires an individual reading fee, and there is no limit to the number of submissions. Our reading fee is a modest $5.00 per entry, and automatically enters each submission into the awards for first-time authors.

Submission period for all entries is January 1, to May 1 each year. No submissions will be accepted outside of this submission period. Each edition is published in October of the submission year.

All writers will be notified in August of each submision year as to the status of their work, whether accepted, passed, or an award-winner.

Please double-space your submissions, and keep in a friendly 12-point font. No fancy formatting, please. We will need to reformat it all anyway. MS Word is ideal, but any file format accepted will work.

Please do not email us regarding the status of your work.

We accept and encourage simultaneous submissions... who wouldn't? Someone who has never written anything, that's who. All we ask is that you notify us immediately if you work is accepted elsewhere.

If you are accepted for an award or publication and then pull your submission from consideration, we reserve the right to block you from submitting again. It's not good practice, and it happens more often than you think. Bad form.

That's it! We wish you the best of luck. Please tell all of your fellow writers about THE CAIRN, and keep writing.©2017 Cairn Press



Januray 1-May 1 2018



2017 Cairn Press

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